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My Story

My family’s story of anxiety, this thing, is very much like the millions of people who suffer with it. It's awful. 

Luckily over the last two decades of facing these battles, I never had to face them alone. I have a wonderful support system that has never left my side. Today, I have great tools to help manage my anxiety, and a huge part of that is knowing me and my body and being able to check in with myself when needed. Anxiety truly does manifest differently for everyone, and, as I have come to learn, is vastly different in children.

As I mention in the book, I am not a doctor, am in no way a medical professional, I am a mother who has a 9-year-old child that’s been battling anxiety since she was two.  

How my daughter ended up with an anxiety disorder, and the specifics of the diagnosis, are not my story to tell, so out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not share how it came to be. I will share my story of what I witnessed, in loving my child when she felt the most unlovable, and I felt the most incompetent. 

I will be sharing more details of our journey in the Forum Section of this website, from her early days, to school refusal, our COVID challenges, and even hospitalization. I invite you to share your stories, thoughts, and ideas as well. I do this with the hope that my discussions can be a helping and healing place for others to share, or simply a place for people to see that they are not alone. I am told, and I believe, one of the best ways to help people suffering with anxiety is to bring it to the open, talk about it, and share experiences. 

Our family’s journey is far from over, but I believe this book, this community we are creating, and what comes next, can help many people give this thing a name, and know it can be tamed.

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