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More Ways to Help Yourself Heal

At the end of the book, I offer some ways that have worked for our family to help cope with anxiety.


Below are some additional resources.


Please remember, these are not in place of therapy or medical care, they are additional resources you can use in addition to medical interventions which you may already have, or wish to find. Please remember that if you are ever experiencing a mental health crisis to call 9-1-1.

More Praise for This Thing Has A Name

Amanda does a superb job of explaining the difficult and often traumatizing battle with anxiety. Not only does she relate to a young audience, but to all of us (adults). These uncomfortable feelings are so very common and something that we can, with the help and love from those who surround us, face confidently. This book is an excellent expression of the struggle so many of our children face every day. Thank you Amanda, for sharing your story and for the reminder that this thing has a name!

-  Natalie Chagnon, Experienced Child Care Provider

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