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Thank You!

As this journey continues, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting the book. On the first day of it's release, Sunday, July 10th, it hit #1 in New Releases for Children's Books on Amazon, and went from being ranked #6,889 to #45 as a Best Seller!! It was a magical day, only to be followed by more magic yesterday, when a woman, @jerithemindfulwoman, found one of my signed books that I left in Lake Michigan, where I was just visiting - and then happened to do a live Instagram post about the the same restaurant I was eating at! This was not planned by either of us. It was a surreal moment, for both us and we hope to collaborate together soon! She's from TX, I am from NH, and there we both were at the same place in MI. Pure Michigan, Pure Magic.

This book is so important for the mental health community for children, thank you for supporting it.

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