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It Takes a Village...

This online community is for you. The Loved One, a parent, teacher, therapist, grandparent, aunt or uncle, friend, older sibling...anyone who is taking care of a Little One, in any capacity that is battling anxiety.

This role you are playing in this Little One's life, is not easy, and not for the faint of heart. It has brought me to my knees, in the not knowing...what-is-wrong-with-my-kid? How-is-this-happening? Why-is-this-happening?

Anxiety looks different in everyone and for everyone. But in children, it manifests even more differently...because children do not have the words to identify their emotions, or a way to (sometimes) safely release their feelings.

All they know is they don't feel right - and that's when fight-flight-or-freeze kicks in...and then it's on us. The Loved Ones, to come and help them, kindly and calmly figure it out.

This is not always easy. What is easy, is losing our patience, blaming it on something or someone else, ourselves, or even our child. This can lead to all around negative feelings, which inevitably creates tension. No one wins. I am very guilty of this. But, this is how we learn.

However, we have some tools that can make it calm, kind, and even easy. What are some things you do, when your child is having a panic attack of dealing with anxiety? Join our community today. Sign up below or up above.

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